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Please tell me.

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To help raise their families. This is sad stuff.

Can you be pro-family and pro-war (a non-defensive war I mean).

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Obama’s vice presidential running mate will be none other than Sweet Caroline herself.

Think about it, if Barack calls upon Caroline Kennedy he will do nothing but increase his rock star status by strengthening the aura of Camelot regained. Think about the drama of a sick, weakened Patriarch drawing his last public breaths to anoint Obama the true heir while a princess-of-the-blood takes her rightful place in American politics.

Such a pick will have the added benefit of all those angry white women happy.

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Mrs. Stewart was the wife of former Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary President Bruce Stewart. The following was written by her husband:

Mrs. Bruce (Roselyn) Stewart passed away after becoming critically ill with pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial pneumonia. She had gone to San Diego to attend her grand-daughter’s wedding. While her pulmonary physician expressed some concern about her trip, he said that if the trip was important to her, she should go. Since all of our children and their spouses would be there, we decided to go. We had a good trip, spent two days with the family and went to the rehearsal dinner. She had shortness of breathe some of the time, but it was not until that night that it became severe. In the Emergency Room, she was given oxygen, and admitted to the hospital where she was given steroids and many tests. The next day, a biopsy of her lung was taken and she was put on a ventilator to help her breathe. While many procedures and medications were used, her disease increasingly prevented her lungs from transferring oxygen and carbon dioxide, and she went to be with Her Lord on Saturday, May 31.

While we suffer great sorrow and cannot really fathom life without her, we have much for which to be thankful. We have had over 61 years of a happily married life together. God has been with us in our ministry in three congregations and in RPTS. He enabled us to visit every state except Alaska, and over 30 foreign countries. He gave us four wonderful children and their spouses and families who are a tremendous support for us. He has supplied many loved ones and friends who are upholding us in love and prayer. And most of all, He sent His Son who loves us, and in His life and death and resurrection assures us of His care and the hope of eternal life together.

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be sent in her memory to the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 7418 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208.

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The End

Looks like Clinton is ready to say uncle. Here

The question for New Yorkers is where can we find a Senate candidate to finish her off.

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Just War

As Charles Brown already notes in his summary of chapter 2 of The Revolution, Ron Paul raises the interesting issue of Christian just war theory. Citing Christian thinkers from Ambrose to Suarez Paul concludes that the war in Iraq fails to live up to the standards of just war theory.

Paul (Ron not Apostle) lays out three foundational principles:

1. An initial act of aggression in response to which a just war may be waged

2. All diplomatic solutions have been exhausted

3. War is undertaken by the proper authority

Paul’s book is short so he spends few words making his case how the Iraqi conflict fails to meet Christian standards. I am left with a number of questions.

1. Is a ever justified in the case when the act of aggression was against a third party? This was common within Christendom. Christian just war theory traditionally recognizes the possibility of a nation coming to the aid of other Christian peoples, nation, ect.

2. How has the age of mass terrorism impact our idea of just war? Augustine could not envision the consequence of a single terrorist carrying a dirty bomb killing thousands or even tens of thousands? How does this change how we look at preemptive wars? Does it?

3. Does Paul’s account fail to give a charitable reading to the motivations of the pro-war party?

I have great sympathy with the case Paul is making but finding it imprudent is different from declaring it a sin. Thoughts?

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Austin Bramwell provides something think about on the marriage issue.

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