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These are amazing statistics- 400 billion barrels! Oil may not be the future but the future is not yet. Responsible drilling with proper care for environmental considerations is a must. Now!!!

Conservative Party of New York State

Press Release ~ June 12, 2008
corrected version: (400 Billion Barrels)
For Immediate Release Contact: Shaun Marie Levine
June 12, 2008 518-356-7882 http://www.cpnys.org


Ft. Hamilton Station, NY – Today the New York State Conservative Party launched a grassroots effort to have New Yorkers contact their federal officials to demand an end to the political bickering in Washington, DC and begin drilling for American oil.

Chairman Michael R. Long stated, “Energy prices are hurting our economy and apparently, there is no end in sight. But we can make a difference as we have in the past…New Yorkers and all American’s must let Congress know that the time to drill for oil here in America is long past.” And yes, we also have to explore additional avenues available for our energy consumption, nuclear, wind, solar, natural gas and coal.

Until we convert to these alternative methods, we must drill for oil in oil rich America. The Bakken fields beneath North Dakota, Montana and Canada hold an estimated 400 billion barrels of oil. In comparison, Saudi Arabia’s biggest field, Gahawar, has an estimated 55 billion barrels. ANWR has an estimated 10.4 billion barrels. (Thanks to Townhall.com contributor, Lawrence Kudlow’s article of June 9 for these figures.) Also cited in the same article is the fact that a Bureau of Land Management study showing 279 million acres under federal management where oil and gas could potentially be extracted. But it is off-limits. Offshore, where another 86 billion barrels lie in wait, is also restricted. However, China, already one of our biggest competitors, drills for oil just 60 miles south of Florida.

We have the power and responsibility to do what is right, NOW.

Contact your Congressman and Senator. Remind them they work for US and we demand an end to political bickering. We must give drill for oil NOW. We must build the necessary refineries. We, the people, must remind our federal elected officials that their responsibility is to PROTECT AMERICAN INTEREST by drilling for American oil.

Click Here to Contact Senator Schumer and Senator Clinton: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm?State=NY

Or call them at:
Senator Charles Schumer: (202) 224-6542 Senator Hillary Clinton: (202) 224-4451

Click here to find your Congressman:

Or Call (202) 224-3121 and ask for your representative.

State Headquarters:

486 78th Street
Ft. Hamilton Station, NY 11209

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Michael Gerson, guru of evangelical compassionate conservatism, argues against Christian libertarianism. Gerson concludes that “For millennia, artists, thinkers and politicians have shaped their image of Jesus, often into a mirror image of themselves. But the goal of Christianity is to allow Him to shape us, not the other way around. And just as Jesus the leftist revolutionary is a distortion, so is Jesus the libertarian.”

I am not a libertarian but sure vote like one. What Gerson does not seem to understand is the peculiar nature of the American politics. An authentic American conservative is a libertarian constitutionalist in national politics, a wide eyed realist at the state level, and a communitarian republican at the local. Jesus did not invent our federal ideas (although I do see parallels to ecclesiastical Presbyterianism) but I do not think he could object.

Special thanks to my friend Clayton for tipping me off to the Gerson article.

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Modernity is catching up with us. With the 20th Century’s source of cheap energy no longer cheap someone got the bright idea of looking to the products of mechanized mass industrial farming to feed our insatiable hunger for cheap energy.

What men must put in their belly would now be used to feed their cars. What can you expect when so many folks refer to their shiny mechanical-jacobins as their “baby.”

Food is cheap… produced by industrialized, mechanized mass farms… lets feed it to our cars.

Enter the law of unintended consequences. World-wide food shortages are driving up the cost of feeding our real- that is human- babies. DRC readers will have noticed the sharp increase in prices at their local supermarkets. The system of mass is growing.

I am not a chicken little kind of guy. The challenges of the market will be met by new and exciting solutions. Let’s hope the solutions of the 21st century are more humane, local, and responsible than the solutions of the 20th.

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Please tell me.

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To help raise their families. This is sad stuff.

Can you be pro-family and pro-war (a non-defensive war I mean).

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Obama’s vice presidential running mate will be none other than Sweet Caroline herself.

Think about it, if Barack calls upon Caroline Kennedy he will do nothing but increase his rock star status by strengthening the aura of Camelot regained. Think about the drama of a sick, weakened Patriarch drawing his last public breaths to anoint Obama the true heir while a princess-of-the-blood takes her rightful place in American politics.

Such a pick will have the added benefit of all those angry white women happy.

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Mrs. Stewart was the wife of former Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary President Bruce Stewart. The following was written by her husband:

Mrs. Bruce (Roselyn) Stewart passed away after becoming critically ill with pulmonary fibrosis and interstitial pneumonia. She had gone to San Diego to attend her grand-daughter’s wedding. While her pulmonary physician expressed some concern about her trip, he said that if the trip was important to her, she should go. Since all of our children and their spouses would be there, we decided to go. We had a good trip, spent two days with the family and went to the rehearsal dinner. She had shortness of breathe some of the time, but it was not until that night that it became severe. In the Emergency Room, she was given oxygen, and admitted to the hospital where she was given steroids and many tests. The next day, a biopsy of her lung was taken and she was put on a ventilator to help her breathe. While many procedures and medications were used, her disease increasingly prevented her lungs from transferring oxygen and carbon dioxide, and she went to be with Her Lord on Saturday, May 31.

While we suffer great sorrow and cannot really fathom life without her, we have much for which to be thankful. We have had over 61 years of a happily married life together. God has been with us in our ministry in three congregations and in RPTS. He enabled us to visit every state except Alaska, and over 30 foreign countries. He gave us four wonderful children and their spouses and families who are a tremendous support for us. He has supplied many loved ones and friends who are upholding us in love and prayer. And most of all, He sent His Son who loves us, and in His life and death and resurrection assures us of His care and the hope of eternal life together.

In lieu of flowers, gifts may be sent in her memory to the Reformed Presbyterian Theological Seminary, 7418 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, PA 15208.

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